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This class is for children ages 4 to 5. It meets twice a week and we encourage you to bring your child on a consistent basis. The objective of this class is to teach kids discipline, lateral, movement patterns, balance, basic tumbling, posture, judo grips and basic judo techniques. The class is taught using a wide variety of games. Expect your child to expend lots of energy!


All children (above 5 years) enrolling in our program MUST begin in the Fundamentals class. This class follows a curriculum developed by us and covers what we believe to be the fundamentals of judo. Once the child has graduated from this class, he/she will advance to the intermediate kids class. We cannot stress enough the importance of building a solid foundation for your child. This class is usually a smaller class, allowing the coach to give your child much more attention. This system is tried and true. We have found that children who have had perfect attendance in the Fundamentals program have a 100% likelihood of continuing to practice judo and show a much greater skill retention rate, progress at a steady and faster rate and receive greater fulfillment and satisfaction out of practices.


If your child is in the intermediate class, he/she has graduated from the Fundamentals class. This class moves at a quicker pace. It is mandatory that your child come to practice a minimum of 2 times per week, but it is preferable that they make all 3 sessions. At this level, your child may be asked to compete a few times a year. Competition is an integral part of your child’s judo experience. Through competition, the student gets to test their skills and the coach gets to observe holes and weaknesses in your child’s game or character. Students will first begin competing in developmental/in-house tournaments, which serve as a stepping stone to full sanctioned events. We stress that it is not our philosophy to pressure our kids or teach them to win at all costs. We do believe in teaching them to have a desire to win, to never give up and to apply the skills that they have been taught. Competition is a great character builder. As a child faces fears, unfamiliarity and learns to perform under pressure, he/she develops life skills that they will call upon during their childhood, adolescence and adult years.


If your child is in the advanced class, he/she has graduated from the Fundamental and Intermediate class. This class moves at the quickest pace, with higher expectations and more advanced skills taught.
At this level your child will be encouraged to compete 4-6 times a year at bigger and full sanctioned events.

This program is reserved for the children who have proven themselves through dedication, attendance, attitude and skill level, to be ready for our most demanding practices and expectations. Generally for kids 9 years old and above, but certain exceptions can be made at the coach’s discretion.
Students participating in this program have 2 hour weekly training sessions (see schedule) and in addition, monthly Saturday workouts.  They also compete in at least one out-of-state tournament a year.  Additional skills such as refereeing, mental imagery, and strength training are taught.
Additional monthly fees apply.  The elite program is optional.  If a child is selected by the coach to be a part of the program, parent ultimately decides since it is an additional expense and time commitment.

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